Shipping terms & payment

Shipping terms & payment


  • It is cash payment, transfer and PayPal possible
  • PayPal is possible from a billing value of 5€

Shipping terms

  • The prices depend on the weight and size of the goods.
  • Shipping is done by Deutsche Post or DHL.
  • International Shipping possible: The deliverer will hand over your consignment personally only against signature and exclusively to the recipient or a written proxy.

From 60 € Buy value within Germany Free shipping

The shipping costs are only available if you have something in the shopping cart.


<20g 1,70€
<50g 1,80€
<500g 2,40€
<1000g 3,50
<2000g 3,99€
<5000g 6,99€
<10000g 8,99
>10000g 14,99
<20g 5,55€
<50g 6,15€
<500g 8,35€
<1000g 11,65
<2000g 21,65€
<5000g 26,99€
<10000g 34,99€
<20000g 49,99€
>20000g 55,99€